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Pat had a dream when she was in her 30s … that of living, writing, and walking on the beach as a widow.Now in later life, Pat is living at the beach, and is married to her second husband, Tom, who is very much alive.Pat’s inspiration is often drawn from the natural settings that surround her, and is an award-winning author of non-fiction about the region where she lives.She is also an Addy Award Winner for advertising and marketing pieces her company, The Write Place, (a marketing and public relations company) has compiled.Pat’s writing has also been included in Ladies Circle Magazine (fiction & nonfiction), The Charlotte Observer, and The Atlanta-Journal Constitution to name just a few. She is a book author and is currently working on a collection of essays and her first novel – which her husband Tom has been waiting for her to write for more than 20 years and hopes he lives long enough to see her finish it! (* See Writing Credits.)

In addition to writing, Pat is a humorous and animated keynote speaker and certified trainer in various areas of management.She has taught seminars on numerous topics of interest to include business marketing and writing, journaling, and tips of the trade in selling your writing. Pat also enjoys sharing her Christian faith in speaking engagements. (* See Speaking.)

The conch shell, at the top of this page, has been used throughout history as paint and ink holders for writers.On the beach near Pat’s home, it’s often blown in the late afternoon to signify sunset.In literature, the conch was used as a trumpet to call everyone together and was held by whoever was speaking at meetings.With this in mind, Pat calls out to those who want to:make their meetings inspirational as well as instructional; have a keynote speaker who will reach the audience at their core – the heart of the matter (a target exercise she agrees on with clients); and have a speaker in their church or women’s group who has truly “experienced God” in many aspects of life, which will leave attendees with the desire to enter into a personal relationship with Christ so that they can, also, experience his Sovereigness in their daily walks.

Patricia Sabiston operates The Write Place from her home office in Panama City.

Heather Leiphart | The News Herald

By The News Herald

Published: Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 16:20 PM.

Business name: The Write Place

Specialty: Marketing and PR firm

Number of employees: 2 full-time, numerous freelance assistants

Owner’s name: Pat Sabiston

Years in business: 28 years (21 in Bay County)

How did you get into this business? When my husband and I relocated to Panama City in 1992, we realized there was a void in the marketing and public relations arena. We have a writing, publishing and media production background. Although I specialize in medical marketing, we provide services to various non-medical clients, as well. Services include: marketing plans, advertising, public relations, copywriting, event planning, training, and my husband does videos for social media, legal depositions and weddings.

What do you like most about your business? Panama City is the most amazing city I’ve ever lived in, and I love being able to “give back” through my business expertise. I was one of three local businesses that founded the Advertising Federation of Panama City and helped establish BooksAlive! Most recently, I have worked (pro-bono) as chair of The Panama City Lighthouse Project Inc., and am a former president of The Rotary Club of Panama City. Community service is part of what makes our business special.